About us

Way beyond passion

The Agricultural Company Poetia stems from the deep love for olive trees and oil shared by three friends, Andrea, Massimo and Giovanni. They are are rather different from one another as for temper, backgrounds and ideas. We believe that such a diversity – as any other diversity – is a value, rather than a limitation: just like in an exquisite and balanced oil blend, not only containing all of the original olive varieties, but going much further and bringing out the best from each ingredient.

In 2017 Andrea, Giovanni and Massimo obtained both a physiological suitability certificate for extra virgin olive oil tasting (first level) and a professional taster certificate (second level), during the training courses delivered by ASSOPROL Umbria. The three friends’ goal is to achieve better knowledge, expertise, sensitivity in evaluating the results of their work, since it is not enough just to say: ”This is a good evoo”.


According to the most ancient available documents, dating back to the XI and XII centuries, Monte Bitorno is referred to as Mons Bitorri or Mons Bituris. This name, in my opinion, unmistakably recalls the presence of former fortresses on the mountain. Sources prove the existence of one of them, already called Diruta, in the mid XII century when the soil, within the walls, was cultivated, no less. On top of the hill piles of rubble, probably belonging to buildings dating back to Roman times or Late Antiquity, could still be seen until a few years before. They were most likely reused to build fortalices, operating in this area since the early Middle Ages.

(G. RIGANELLI, “Religione e strutture religiose in area magionese dall’antichità ai primi secoli dell’età moderna”, in Magione: venti secoli di storia, cultura, ritratti e spiritualità, Magione 2001, pp. 1-177).

Where we are

The farm is a stone’s throw from Lake Trasimeno’s eastern shore, 450 meters above sea level.