The Agricultural Company Poetia stems from the deep love for olive trees and oil shared by three friends, Andrea, Massimo and Giovanni. They are rather different from one another as for temper, background and ideas.

They’re also bonded together by the same vision on “making” extra virgin olive oil, constantly focusing on the highest respect for plants, environment, territory; on the best cultivation techniques; on meticulous product care.


Our company (which is in conversion to organic farming) gives top priority to closing the extra virgin olive oil supply chain by keeping a close check on the whole production cycle, in order to guarantee the best quality and the typical features of the product itself.


Starting with tradition, keeping an eye on innovation, constantly evolving.

Way beyond passion.

Adopt an olive tree

If you chose to adopt one of our olive trees, you’ll have a chance to become a real genuine farmer – not just a virtual one. You’ll witness firsthand the birth of a unique product such as extra virgin olive oil.
Just a stone’s throw from the eastern shore of Lake Trasimeno, 450 meters above sea level, on a slope on the south-eastern side of Mount Bitorno, in the Municipality of Magione.