What we do

Our company (which is in conversion to organic evoo farming) gives top priority to closing the extra virgin olive oil supply chain by keeping a close check on the production cycle, with the aim of ensuring the highest quality, along with the typical features of the product itself. This is the reason why we decided to equip ourselves with an up to date milling plant.

“Picked at their right level of ripeness, cold pressed, healthy olives.
Our best oil is a genuine olive juice”.

Both manual and mechanical processing consist of several phases:

Phase 1

Every year, between October and November, when olives achieve the right ripening stage, they are hand-picked. This is the only way to keep them whole and intact throughout all the following steps. Manufacturing must begin within the next 12 hours in order to fully preserve oil’s organoleptic properties.

Phase 2

Freshly picked olives are then carried very quickly to the mill, which is located in the middle of our olive grove, and let through a “washing defoliator”; actually olives are often mixed with twigs and leaves, which must be removed before pressing.

Phase 3

Olives are crushed in a press and the past thus obtained is let through a kneading-machine where, through slow and continuous stirring, our extra virgin olive oil’s fragrances and aromas are enhanced.

Phase 4

Then olive paste, thus processed, goes through a centrifugal separator where oil and pulp are separated. This is the origin of our olive oils, that are absolutely cold pressed (meaning never exceeding 26°C).

Phase 5

After proper rest and filtration, that doesn’t affect any nutritional or organoleptic properties, oil is stocked in special tanks and ready for sale. Finally, bottling is carried out by our company in accordance with the orders we receive, thus allowing us to always provide fresh produce.